Michael J. Black

President & CEO

For over 20 years Michael has been in the recruiting industry as a leader, national sales manager, and rain maker with some of the top firms in the industry. He loves helping people and medical organizations obtain top talent to improve nationwide communities.

Meet the Team

Our talented and dedicated team will deliver you the best results. We bring top industry talent and commitment to our clients.

Julie (2)

Julie Cavaletti

Vice President of Talent

Julie brings 30 years of professional medical recruiting experience to the table. She has been an integral part of helping physicians and nurses enjoy their dream careers.  She calls herself a professional matchmaker and she is great at it!


Jenna Thompson

Account Executive

Jenna has been in the medical recruiting industry for 6 years. Before that she was an experienced high level saleswoman, working exclusively with top executives. She brings a wealth of knowledge and professionalism in serving medical organizations.


Edward Garza

Vice President of Recruiting

Edward is a veteran of 18 years in the medical recruiting industry.  He is a rock star in this industry. He moves mountains and fills the positions that seem impossible fill!